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Vision & Mission

Our Department expands knowledge of Korean language and literature, the very basis of Korean culture and spirit, and the mode through which the competence to create new cultures can be fostered. To achieve our goals, we cultivate in our students the ability to appreciate and analyze freely the Korean language and Korean culture, and to examine Korean language and culture through a linguistic and cultural theoretical framework. We also develop our students’ competence to create literature through multi-genre composition practice and literary production.

Korean Studies has come into the spotlight in recent years, and Korean language and literature is at the center of this discipline. With the rising status of Korea on the world stage, the field of Korean language and literature will move beyond its traditional position as a national field of study to become an essential discipline in the move toward worldwide Korean studies. Considering the increasing demands of Korean as a foreign language, enhanced international interest in Korean language and literature, and the expansion in the breadth and depth of the “Korean Wave,” specialists in Korean language and literature can and should take on more roles and ones of increasing importance.